We believe that design for arts and cultural facilities is at its best when design strategies bring viewers, visitors and participants into an authentic connection with the artist or subject matter. Testing the limits of creativity and expression, engaging individuals and communities in conversation, building character and engagement through a process of communication – all these require an architectural response that is sensitive to time, place and purpose. The function of these facilities are inherently complex – where the front-of-house environment must be in harmony with the back-of-house; where occupant comfort is essential to the success of the experience; where monetary investment and project scope must be carefully managed and calibrated; and where the connection to the surrounding context strengthens participation.

Our work has supported cultural preservation in Native American tribes, it has renewed the function of one of the most important theaters in the United States and it has brought young artists together in a dialogue about self-expression. We are proud of the diversity of experience represented in these projects and the contribution they have made to building creative communities.