Empire State Building Observatory

New York, NY

ESB_07_observ deck.jpg
ESB_06_observ deck.jpg
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ESB_01_ticket window.jpg
ESB_05_observ vestibule.jpg

JCJ Architecture began working with the Empire State Building Operations Group and Ownership team in 2002 to help them re-start a stalled effort to create a new visitor experience. Over time, JCJ has been privileged to participate in numerous projects for the Building Ownership including: a new Real Estate Marketing Center and Operations Office; studies for re-energizing the lower concourse areas after the ticket office was moved up to the second floor; a new design for all of the building’s tenant floor lobbies and corridors; various tenant office suites; expansion of the basement mechanical room; and, most notably, the design and development of a new Visitor Center and Experience – a facility that encompasses the 2nd Floor, 80th Floor, 86th Floor, and the 102nd Floor and hosts over 3.5 million visitors each year.