On October 28th, 2015 the CT Green Building Council will host a tour of JCJ Architecture’s award winning and LEED Gold Certified Fairchild Wheeler Inter-District Magnet Campus.

The largest and most ambitious school infrastructure project in Connecticut history, the 250,000 square foot building houses 3 distinct learning communities: Physical Science, Math and Aerospace; Zoological Studies and Applied Biology; and Information Technologies in the Digital World.

Claire Gold, educator and administrator who was backbone behind the ten year planning and formulate effort that resulted in the school, commented"From its wind turbine/solar energy power source to its use of re-circulated water and green roof, the project "expresses the theme of the school" in terms of its eco-friendliness.

JCJ developed a comprehensive approach to sustainability that addressed both the project’s unique context and it’s progressive educational program. The building is highly efficient can generate close to 120kW of power from wind turbines and solar panels. It will have a green roof design and its construction includes eco-friendly building materials with energy-efficient mechanical systems. The completed landscaping will use native vegetation and 76% of the site will be maintained as open space.

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