On July 13, JCJ’s Mark Griffith, Julie Kim and Joe Baruffaldi along with co-sponsors Chaves Grieves, Jaynes and EXP, participated in the 24th Annual Santa Ana Star Benefit Pro-Am. The tournament took place at the Santa Ana Golf Club in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM. All proceeds are being used to benefit deserving groups from the Pueblo of Santa Ana Tribe. Some of these groups include Pueblo Summer Youth Programs and the Santa Ana Junior Golf Academy. The Anita Salas Foundation provides support and funding for uninsured and underinsured women in New Mexico who suffer from breast or cervical cancer. Other sponsors for this event included Twin Warriors Golf Club, Santa Ana Golf Club, and the Santa Ana Star Casino.

In 2013 JCJ worked with Santa Ana Star Casino on renovations for the casino’s 20th anniversary celebration. JCJ delivered a space that has transformed local perception of the property to a space that is “fancier, lighter and brighter” and put the casino on the map of “hot spots” in New Mexico. The renovation included a new center bar, new poker room, new quick-serve restaurant, new gaming floor area and renovations to the existing gaming area. In addition, JCJ Architecture revitalized the night club and performance venue, “The Stage,” with a new mezzanine and modern, chic finishes. The renovation has broadened the reach of the Santa Ana Star property to include a generation of younger patrons while creating a more comfortable gaming experience for loyal patrons.