Wellness and Public Safety Complex Conceptual Design, UMass Dartmouth

Dartmouth, MA

Umass%20Dartmouth%20Health%20And%20Safety%202 (JPG)

Through a University of Massachusetts Building Authority contract at UMASS Dartmouth, JCJ developed a conceptual design for a proposed new Wellness and Safety Complex. The current facility is outdated and poorly equipped. It was our objective to provide the stakeholders and users an accessible, welcoming, and dynamic complex that is community-friendly and operationally functional.

Our concept is based on a 12,000 sq ft, two-story building that would accommodate offices; training and meeting room; conference room; interview room with video/audio capacity; holding area/detainee room; break room with kitchen; storage space; male and female locker rooms with showers and lockers; storage room for equipment, weapons, ammunition, uniforms, mountain bikes, RAD equipment, and other equipment storage; evidence and property rooms with refrigeration; two family restrooms with mounted gun safes; and a private, secure, controlled entrance for officers and any potential individuals with concerning behaviors.

Umass%20Dartmouth%20Health%20And%20Safety (JPG)

Umass%20Dartmouth%20Health%20And%20Safety%202 (JPG)