Continuing a working relationship that began in 2003, JCJ Architecture was commissioned to study options for renovation or replacement of Waterford High School. Serving as many as 900 students, the facility was originally constructed in 1959 and had a major addition constructed in the late 1970’s. Given direction relative to overall project cost and timeline, JCJ established a project approach that assured that each of the stakeholders and concerns were given appropriate weight in establishing our recommendations. The Waterford High School educational specifications and space needs were defined through facilitated programming workshops, from which JCJ developed the educational and building programs. Numerous building and site options were then explored, striving to minimize impact on the site, maximize return on investment from construction, retain as much of the existing building as was educationally feasible, and significantly increase the energy efficiency of the facility.

Following an extensive visioning, planning and public review process, Waterford residents approved a program of “like new” renovations and additions to the existing Waterford High School.

All existing athletic fields were retained, with minor work to reconfigure the baseball field and track to make them compliant with sanctioning regulations and installation of underground geo-thermal heat pump wells. The gymnasia and auditorium were renovated, and the antiquated educational wings were replaced by a compact, highly efficient classroom addition. One portion of the older building was renovated and repurposed as a stand-alone facilities building for District maintenance services. Construction began in early 2011 and was completed in September 2013. No modular or temporary spaces are required and all work was coordinate to minimize disturbance or displacement of school or social functions. The completed building contains all new classrooms, science labs, and technical education spaces along with a new library and cafeteria. The gymnasium, field house, auditorium, and natatorium were renovated to ‘as-new’ condition, effectively delivering a new building to the Town and school district.