University High School of Science & Engineering

Hartford, CT

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Background and Context
In 2001, the University of Hartford began the process of studying the feasibility of developing a STEM-based high school on the University’s campus. Believing the United States to be increasingly at-risk due to the lack of high quality and innovative science-oriented programs, the University opened talks with the City of Hartford and about collaboration on a new high school program that would serve Hartford and area children in an exploratory Science-Technology-Engineering and Mathematics curriculum.

Following outreach to potential stakeholders and project partners, including the City of Hartford, Hartford Public Schools, the Capitol Education Resource Council (development partner and operator of the local magnet school system) and the State of Connecticut Department of Education, the University undertook research and writing of grant proposals. A $400,000 planning grant was awarded by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation for development of an Educational Specification for the University High School of Science and Engineering (UHSSE).

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