The Friendship School

Waterford, CT

JCJ_Friendship_17 copy.jpg
Friendship School Site Plan

Background and Context
The Friendship School is a school fittingly named for its mission: friendly relations between towns, families and educators; a fertile ground in which a diverse group of children can learn and grow.

LEARN is a Regional Educational Service Center that provides educational options and specialized programming to communities throughout southeastern Connecticut. For the development of the Friendship School, the team at LEARN developed consensus between the Town of Waterford and City of New London on a program for a Early Childhood Learning for 3-5 year olds. Concurrently, Waterford was in the process evaluating sites for a new community center. With a search underway for both, stakeholders decided to collaborate on a co-location study – presenting opportunities to create a mutual benefit and multi-generational learning and interaction. JCJ Architecture was retained to undertake site assessment, planning and design for both facilities. Following an evaluation process, a 53 acre parcel with an existing manufacturing building – constrained on the west by the High School, to the east by a housing complex, to the south by wetlands and to the north by Route 156 – was recommended by JCJ and selected by the Owner.