The Parkside School, established in 1986, welcomes elementary school children from diverse ethnic, social and economic backgrounds who have a range of language-based learning difficulties. The school’s goal is to enable the students to pursue learning in their areas of strength, to acquire tools and strategies to progress in their areas of challenge and to develop respect and understanding for themselves and others.

JCJ Architecture has been engaged by Parkside to design a playground on the school’s two roofs that will: “1) provide an architectural environment that aids the Parkside School mission to serve the whole child; 2) provide an interactive, instructional tool that affords complete sensory integration; 3) provide a nurturing environment where multiple opportunities exist for exploring the natural landscape and urban surroundings; 4) provide an environment for exploration where personal risk taking is encouraged and boundaries and limitations are safely and actively tested; 5) provide a framework where play is an integrated pedagogical device and is ultimately fun.”