Adanti Student Center, Southern Connecticut State University

New Haven, CT


Background and Context
Located 3 miles from downtown New Haven, Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) is one of the five Connecticut regional state universities. Founded in 1893, the campus is a pristine example of traditional brick collegiate architecture and offers a variety of degree programs to 8,500 undergraduate and 3,300 postgraduate students. Two primary zones on the campus - residential to the west and academic core to the east - are bisected north to south by Fitch Street. With the University growing, there was an increased need to create a hub for student activity, amenities and services. The University conceived of a new student center as a means to build community at the crossroads - linking campus life to the academic core and primary pedestrian connection with main points of access. SCSU identified a prominent site on Fitch Street to serve as the new gateway to campus and location for the Michael J. Adanti Student Center.

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