Hawaiian Gardens Casino

Hawaiian Gardens, CA

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Background and Context
Hawaiian Gardens is a 24-7 destination for Southern California Table Gaming. It is as unique in its design and theming as it is in its flexibility, continuous operation, and market strategy. Operating in and providing opportunities for a very specific, Asian Gaming, market, Hawaiian Gardens owners were less concerned with the casino’s neighboring gaming competition and more concerned with providing an inviting destination for their existing, expectant patrons. With the client’s priorities and round-the-clock operations, the JCJ design team worked to deliver a fully operational casino that would retain existing clientele throughout the construction process as well as increase new guest interest and participation.

The previous 60,000 square foot sprung, tent structure was operating at capacity when JCJ was selected to design the expansion of a more permanent casino and event center. Once the design and construction delivery schedules were mapped out and approved by the owner, it was critical for JCJ to maintain the design and drawing delivery schedule so that the demolition of the existing facility could occur simultaneously to the opening of the new facility. Each and every product selection, change order and special request had to be considered on a much larger scale. Architecture and Interior Design decisions had to be well informed and the owner had to be updated at all times. Adhering to this strict schedule and incredibly responsive delivery method resulted in a completed design that satisfied specific client requests while also providing a fully operational facility with continuous operation through construction. Sticking to schedule resulted in an incredibly rewarding opening day where guests and patrons literally walked from the old tent structure into the new facility in a seamless, and rather exciting, manner.