Hartford Public Safety Complex

Hartford, CT

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Background and Context
Redevelopment of this 5-acre parcel marks the renewal of under utilized acreage in Hartford’s historic Clay Arsenal-Albany Avenue neighborhood. Driven by facilities that had reached the end of their useful purpose and a desire by the City to create greater efficiency in operations, the City embarked on development of a public safety complex that would bring together Hartford’s police, fire, dispatch and emergency operations into a single state-of-the-art location.

The site is a 5.7-acre parcel which slopes from east to west and is bordered to the south by a 19th century historic landmark, to the east and south by Walnut and High Streets and to the west by railroad tracks. Surrounding structures, primarily brick and brownstone, are part of the Clay Arsenal-Albany Avenue neighborhood – an area of the City that was adversely impacted when the construction of Interstate 84 created a physical barrier to the Central Business District. Given the importance of minimizing police and fire response times and the importance of emergency operation functions, the site’s central location was ideal. Selection of this location also provided the opportunity to reconnect to and reinvest in the City’s North End.

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