Hampden Student Commons Study, UMass Amherst

Amherst, MA

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UMass Amherst had determined that the Southwest campus lacked a central gathering place for students. JCJ was engaged to review previous studies that were completed for Hampden Dining Commons, built in 1967 and prepare a design study to provide a centralize student area for a variety of campus activities including gathering, meeting, picking up packages, and casual dining.

A thorough investigation of the building’s existing conditions led to such recommendations as a full replacement of the fire protection systems and, because the MEP systems have outlived their lifespan, a fully new MEP system, complying with current energy codes, would be required in any major alterations made to the building.

In addition, any change of use or reopening of closed areas will require the upgrade of the entire building to meet current codes and will require building wide infrastructure upgrades.

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