Glover Elementary School

Marblehead, MA

JCJ Architecture was selected to study feasibility and options to consolidate students from Glover and Eveleth Elementary Schools into a single school. This configuration consolidated educational services dispersed among three buildings on two parcels of land, separated by ¼ mile.

JCJ identified nine potential resolutions, ranging from renovation of all three existing buildings to construction of a single building. JCJ facilitated a series of interactive meetings with parents, teachers, administrators, students and residents to provide insight and gather input to help the Building Committee make their decision. Ultimately the recommendation to build a single new building on the site of the existing Glover school was approved.

The site has a slope and large outcropping of rock, is almost 6 acres total area and is bound by two major roads and a residential neighborhood. The design sets the two-story building against the hill and rock outcropping and aesthetics are reflective of the original 1918 Glover School. The new facility is oriented so public spaces are nearest to the roads while the classrooms are shielded from view and look out to the residential areas.