First Council Casino

Newkirk, OK

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Background and Context
The First Council Otoe Tribe established a permanent casino in 2008 which served as a very profitable venture. They drew a large crowd from Wichita and were very satisfied with the immediate success of the casino. With such success, they began hosting live entertainment and concerts from a temporary tent structure, quickly realizing that they needed to expand their permanent facility to capture additional gaming, a permanent event venue and hotel for their guests. They knew exactly what worked for them, exactly what they wanted in a permanent addition, and exactly what needed to be delivered in terms of a Design-Build relationship.

Joining a Design-Build team with Manhattan Construction, JCJ Architecture worked hard to understand the immediate success that First Council exhibited and described. During a series of early design charrettes and pin-ups, it was quickly understood that the Tribe desired to adhere to existing design solutions and expand upon those solutions in a way that aligned with their budget and served their existing clientele. Following these guidelines, the team was able to deliver an end product that exceeded expectations and provided an extremely happy, and profitable, client.

With a previously prepped site, the design and construction included 3 independent additions (hotel, casino/bar and entertainment space) that were planned and built simultaneously while the existing casino and tent structure continued operation. Providing this simultaneous design and construction, the team immediately resolved and relocated utilities, keeping the construction straightforward and on budget