eSports Study, UMass Lowell

Lowell, MA

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eSports on academic campuses is a burgeoning new program across the country. JCJ Architecture was hired, through a UMass Lowell House Doctor contract, to explore the feasibility of introducing such a new space in University Crossing, the campus student hub. Reorganizing the space uses based on future priorities and post-pandemic trends will help incorporate new uses like eSports Facility and help redefine how student services are offered in the future at University Crossing. Working closely with university representatives and student users, we facilitated planning sessions to establish their needs and wants and aspirations. The study we produced enables UMass to make thoughtful decisions about how to integrate a new program in an already full building; how to determine the actual equipment needed to support a growing student activity; and how to feature this space in its recruitment and retainment goals.

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