Duggan Elementary School

Waterbury, CT

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Background and Context
In 2003, JCJ Architecture was retained to undertake a Comprehensive Master Plan for Waterbury Public Schools. With 18,000 students, 28 facilities and 2.3 square feet of aging building stock, the City was unprepared to respond to projected enrollment growth over the next 10-15 years. In 2003, while under State of Connecticut control, the City and District was directed to undertake a plan to realistically and appropriately address all District facility needs. The Master Plan compiled information on educational trends, population growth, student enrollment, demographic patterns and physical condition of facilities. A 13-phase approach was developed that would reconfigure grade alignment, increase and change the location of some facilities as well as address deferred maintenance and physical needs. Building consensus among staff, administrators, elected and appointed officials at the City of Waterbury, the State Department of Education and the State Oversight Commission, JCJ was able to leverage a high reimbursement rate and to set the City on a path to a complete overhaul of its educational facilities. The Plan was adopted by the City and approved by the State Oversight Commission.