UDV challenged JCJ Architecture to accomplish three things in the design of four regional headquarters: create a new architectural look that would evoke the character of each region while maintaining a link to corporate standards; create instant awareness of the brand identity of UDV upon arrival; and design and document each of these four headquarters simultaneously, and quickly! With the help of the UDV team, JCJ created a new tagline – “The Water of Life,” which became the mantra and design anchor for the entire project. Following a fast-track schedule, JCJ was able to infuse the project with icons relating to the world of UDV – a reception desk that looked like a bar; abundant use of the company “product” throughout the designed space; functioning “happy hour” lounges; materials and finishes that were regionally colored but “watery” in form and pattern; areas for promotional displays from ad campaigns around the world; and ergonomic work stations that were standardized to allow for maximum corporate staff interaction.