Superior Court for Juvenile Matters & Detention Center

Bridgeport, CT

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Background and Context
This new juvenile court and detention center was designed as a replacement facility that would provide an increased level of quality in detaining at-risk-youth and an environment where the State’s services could more safely and effectively be discharged. The project was funded and administrated by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Works (currently known as CT Department of Construction Services) and delivered through the design-build methodology.

The program for Bridgeport Juvenile called for the creation of a prestigious civic building in a highly visible area undergoing concurrent redevelopment. Located on the banks of the Housatonic River and a short distance from Long Island Sound, the selected brownfield site formerly served as an electric trolley yard. Highly constrained, the site was bordered by a firehouse, intermodal transportation center, an electric substation, an historic drawbridge, railway, major interstate highway and multiple utility right-of-ways. The location brought with it a particular need to be sensitive to vehicular and pedestrian traffic as well as visitor approach and visual impression. Located adjacent to an intermodal transportation center and at the edge of the City’s municipal district, the project was part of a prominent pedestrian and vehicular thoroughfare and was an extension of the rehabilitation of this district’s image. In order to be successful, the project had to address the needs of professionals, administrators, juveniles, their families and the wider community. In total, the site required $3.6 million of remediation and extensive coastal management and environmental approvals in order to proceed.

BJDC_06_court room.jpg