Hartford's planning and zoning commission has elected a local architect as its next chairperson.

The seven-member zoning board on Tuesday unanimously elected Josye Utick, of Hartford-based design firm JCJ Architecture, to fill the seat vacated in recent days by UConn law professor and land-use attorney Sara Bronin.

Utick will begin her new role immediately.

As planning chair, Utick will be tasked with promoting the city's newly adopted city plan, zoning codes, and making the city more "equitable, agile and prosperous,” JCJ said in a release noting the appointment.

Utick will also help prepare and revise a five-year program of public improvements and recommend capital projects to be undertaken by the city each fiscal year, among other tasks associated with reviewing resolutions and ordinances being considered by the city council related to streets, bridges, parks, playgrounds, public building and utilities.

“Hartford’s PZC looks to preserve community character through design and form,” said Utick, who previously served on the zoning board. “I feel very privileged to share this responsibility with equally enthusiastic, optimistic, and passionate supporters of Hartford.”

JCJ says Utick has extensive experience with projects involving hospitality, mixed-use, retail, convention center and restaurant design in the U.S., Europe, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and several island nations.

In addition to her previous term on the PZC, she also served on the Riverfront Recapture board and Hartford’s historic preservation commission.