Crafting the Dining Experience

Dining is an integral part of campus life and a major contributor to a positive student life experience. Food brings us together. We all have fond memories of meals shared with family and friends.

Many of our stories of college involve the food and the meals we had with classmates and faculty. Lifelong friendships and working relationships are formed and deepened while sharing a meal.

Fresh, Healthy, Delicious

Long gone are the days of “mystery meat” served up in a long and impersonal tray cafeteria line. Today individual choice, variety in wholesome, locally sourced, sustainably grown food, and a transparency in preparation are critical. The campus dining commons is a place to come together, to meet friends and faculty, to share questions, observations and conversations; it is the place where contemporary hospitality and education are combined to foster community.

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Union Street Gastro Pub in SFO’s International Terminal provides a variety of places for patrons to relax and share a meal. Communal tables create opportunities to meet fellow travelers to make unexpected connections.