AAA Building designed by JCJ 50 years ago today

Exactly 50 years ago the AAA building in West Hartford, CT was designed by JCJ Architecture, (formally Jeter and Cook Architects).

About JCJ
Founded by Sherwood Jeter, Jr. in 1936, accomplished designer Arthur Cook joined Sherwood in 1945. Thereafter, the firm began operating under the name of Jeter and Cook Architects. In 1975 Sherwood and Art transitioned ownership of the firm to Edward Jeter and David Jepson- changing its name in the process to become Jeter, Cook & Jepson Architects. Over the next two decades, Ed and Dave remained the sole leaders of the firm; in the early 1990's they began the process of expanding the leadership with the elevation of Peter Stevens, Thomas Dowling and Philip Pineo to the role of Prinicap. It was with this combined group of individuals that the firm began to incread its prominence- branching out into other project types and increasing the size and complexity of its work. In 2001, Edward Jeter retired, and the firm officially entered in to a third generation of ownership. In 2006 the firm changed its name to JCJ Architecture and continues the process of expansion today.