Wilbert Snow Elementary School

Middletown, CT

16,300 SF (renovation)
54,650 SF (new)

550 Students, PreK-5

$8.3 million


This project consolidated a 1960s elementary school, organized in a western-style campus plan, into a single building. The building abuts a city park and straddles the path of a Revolutionary War era roadway. JCJ’s school design embraces and embodies the historical significance of the site and is configured so as to provide views and interaction with the surrounding parklands.

Nestled within a thickly wooded site, this school seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor learning environments. Originally an eight-building campus with close contact to the natural world, a single structure now connects the existing gymnasium and auditorium with a new classroom building. The special joy of walking through woods en-route to class has been maintained and whimsical details make the building a special place to engage in learning. The remains of an eighteenth century road believed to be a town meeting location of George Washington has been respected and provides a connection between an outdoor learning center, playground and the School’s main lobby. Wood, masonry and glass form a palette of materials that further connects the built environment to the natural one.

AIA CT Design Award, 2001
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    Crow Island School Citation, 1999
American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education (AIA CAE)
     Design Citation, 1999
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