Center for Science & Global Studies, Watkinson School

Hartford, CT

3,857 SF

250 students, Grades 6-12 + PG

$1.9 million


“This Net Zero building is as smart as the students and teachers in it.” – John Bracker, Head of School.

The Watkinson School selected JCJ Architecture to team with San Francisco-based Project FROG to design a Net Zero home for the school’s Center for Science and Global Studies program. To support cohesive and diverse curricula, the building is organized into three classrooms that are adaptable to lecture, seminars and lab-style instruction.

Some of the key elements in the building are a geothermal heating and cooling system as well as solar panels. Large glass windows have been incorporated into the design to trap in heat in the winter and block it out in the summer. The windows provide lots of natural light to cut down on electricity costs. The three classrooms in the science building occupy approximately 3,800 square feet featuring 75% energy-demand reduction, abundant natural light and glare control, superior air quality, micro-climate customization and advanced climate controls. Constructed of renewable or recyclable materials, this “smart” building kit, called FROG Zero, generates more energy within its footprint than is required to operate its systems.