Performing Arts Design

Sample Projects:

David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Wesleyan Center for Film Studies
The Hartford Stage                                                         Oscar Hammerstein Theater at Highland Farm
XL Center
Palace Theater, Danbury
Seneca Showroom Theater
Wild Horse Pass Theater
The Flea
Lear Theater                                                                            


Dynamic. Exciting. Innovative.

We believe that theaters are at their best when the two worlds of performer and audience become one. Theaters are places where individuals test the limits of their talents and where audiences expect to be transported. They are dynamic and energized places that connect individuals to the larger world of ideas and creativity. A theater is a simple, yet complex - - an environment where both front and back of house needs to function at the highest levels and with absolute precision.

Expectations for these facilities are changing, and we believe that by engaging in an open but informed dialogue, we are able to provide robust and innovative design solutions. Our process of gathering information, engaging stakeholders and building consensus has been proven to promote communication and decision making. Our rigorous project documentation and management process brings resolution and maintains project controls.

Among the great range of JCJ’s work in performing arts, our constant approach is to deliver solutions and design places that bring people together.