Independent School Design

Collaborative. Constructive. Community-Focused.

The design of learning environments provides a unique opportunity to respond to the 21st Century educational, social and emotional needs of learners. We believe that school buildings play an integral role in the success of the educational process and significantly contribute to the character of the people and communities they serve.

The issues that confront Independent and Faith-based schools have may similarities to those on the publicly funded side, but there are many distinct and important differences.

Our robust process of gathering information, engaging stakeholders and building consensus is complimented by a deep understanding of project design and implementation. Our transparent and inclusive design process promotes communication, decision making and our project management process brings resolution and maintains project controls.

JCJ Architecture’s history in planning and design of K-12 facilities goes back to the Firm’s founding in 1936 and all aspects of predesign planning, architecture and interior design, regulatory approvals and construction administration.

The Firm supports New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Association of Independent Schools and the National Business Officers Association.