Essex Library

Essex, CT

9,900 SF

$1.9 million



Worked completed by
Barbara Joslin, JCJ Project Manager
while with Best Joslin Architects


In 2003, the 4,500 square foot Essex library – originally built in 1978 – was bursting at the seams. Hired to study the site and feasibility options, Barbara Joslin successfully brought this project from concept to completion in 3 years. The Essex Library, a privately owned association, initially worked with Ms. Joslin to submit an application for a Connecticut State Library Construction Grant, schematic designs and the necessary town approvals. Essex Library was awarded a State Library Grant and was able to attain a low interest loan through the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Assistance Program.

The final design, originally anticipated to be over 13,000 square feet, was able to meet all the necessary requirements and remain under 10,000 square feet, allowing the existing site to be maintained and keeping the overall project costs down. 

The mahogany trim found in the original building was continued throughout the new addition, as were the expansive windows and exterior brick and stone. The completed library incorporates geo-thermal heating and cooling and other elements to provide a sustainable building for the Essex community.