Daniel Hand High School

Madison, CT

205,000 SF

1,200 students, Grades 9-12

$33.4 million


This project was part of a comprehensive school reconfiguration and expansion program undertaken by the Town that included converting the existing high school to a middle school and building a new high school on the southernmost portion of the existing high school site.

Bound on one site by athletic fields and the other by protected wetlands, the school was designed with an efficient yet compact footprint. The school’s configuration takes form as two distinct buildings. To the north, a 3-story classroom wing is connected to the core facilities by a student bridge. The multi-functional bridge is a connector, the student drop off canopy and is also the school’s “senior lounge.” The bridge is one of the signature spaces within the building and a place to see and been seen. The project included working closely with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection for design and approval of a pre-treatment septic system for both the new high school and existing middle school. Due to the efficient design and exceptional budget performance, the district was able to add a facilities/maintenance garage as well as artificial turf surface to playfields within the project’s overall budget.

National School Boards Association, Citation of Excellence, 2004
American Association of School Administrators,
     Citation Honoree, 2004
Association of School Business Officials,
     International Certificate of Excellence, 2004