Michael J. Adanti Student Center, Southern Connecticut State University

New Haven, CT

125,000 SF

$23 million


Located at the crossroads that link residence halls to academic core (north/south) and the School's main points of pedestrian and vehicular access (east/west,) the Michael J. Adanti Student Center is a four-story facility that incorporates many of the best features from student centers across the country. The Center’s location, function and physical presence make it the University’s front door and includes the its main information desk, student organization suites, event space, meeting rooms, fitness center, student lounges, computer lab, food court, coffee house, bookstore and retail shops. All members of SCSU’s thriving community are able to take part in the wealth of social and cultural activities that are offered by the University and enjoy the Center’s broad range of services, conveniences and amenities. Adanti enables the University to strengthen its ties with the surrounding community through conferences, exhibitions and similar collaborative events.